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of decentralized payments.

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01 The next generation of digital cash

What is Unit-e?

Unit-e (U⋮) is a lightweight e-cash that pushes the limits of what blockchain technology can achieve. Unit-e provides a low latency, high throughput experience based on a Proof-of-Stake protocol with on-chain finalization.

Detangling Decentralized Payments

The Unit-e protocol utilizes innovative features such as finalization, UTXO snapshots, Dandelion Lite, native SegWit or Graphene to optimize network usage, enhance privacy, and mitigate potential security issues of a Proof-of-Stake protocol. Unit-e is the subject of scientific research. The goal is to create a scalable decentralized payment system close to the physical limits. Please see the research for more detail.

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02 Secure payments, open to all

Our values

Research and Development

Combining scientific research and professional software development produces tangible results and helps realize innovation. We work with a multidisciplinary team across institutional lines to help create the best possible experience for Unit-e users.

Improvement Proposals (UIPs)

Open Source & Community

We are committed to working as part of the global open source community and upholding the principles of openness and transparency it represents. We seek to further evolve open source ideas to break down barriers to access and create new infrastructure for tomorrow.

Humbleness & High Standards

We put high standards on our code, but also on our conduct. Our desire is for Unit-e to be a place where people can freely and comfortably work together towards realizing the future of electronic cash.

03 A Distributed Hierarchy

Our affiliates


Thirdhash brings high standards of security and design to bold new blockchain-focused ideas. Their headquarters in Berlin gives them unique access to one of the world’s strongest nodes of decentralized technologies and developers. Thirdhash is proud to play a lead role in building and maintaining Unit-e’s digital infrastructure.

DTR Foundation

The Distributed Technologies Research (DTR) foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting advances in technology that enable scalable distributed trust systems. With help from researchers across institutions and around the globe, DTR seeks to create the decentralized digital infrastructure for the future.

Get Involved

As an open source project, we rely on the tireless commitment of the global development community to help make Unit-e the best it can be. If you are a developer interested in contributing to the future of digital cash, you can find out how to get started below!